Pay TV asks for regulatory changes to combat piracy in Chile

Content providers, pay TV operators and technology suppliers that are part of the Alianza contra la Piratería de Televisión Paga (Alliance Against Pay TV Piracy) asked the Chilean government for progress in the approval of the bill that modifies the General Telecommunications Law in order to establish sanctions against illegal TV offer.
The request came after knowing the progress of a report from the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) that states that Chile would not be adequately protecting intellectual property, and its main problems would be online piracy and theft of encrypted signals.
The report recommends moving forward with tougher criminal and civil penalties. The bill that modifies the General Telecommunications Law has been in process for three years and establishes sanctions to those who profit from piracy through the sale of illegal decoders or the distribution of content.
“From our experience and our vision in the region, there are new legislations in many countries such as Uruguay, Ecuador and Peru that are advancing in a regulatory framework aimed at combating piracy. We would like the legislation in Chile to also advance in the same direction, so we hope that soon the project sanctioning the illegal decoding and allows us to leave the blacklist of the USTR will be approved,” said Marta Ochoa, Executive Director of Alianza contra la Piratería.