Paraguay wants to regulate telecom service cancellations

The Paraguayan ombudsman, Miguel Godoy, has presented a draft bill to regulate the contracts of telephone, Internet and pay TV companies. Specifically, the initiative seeks to prohibit companies from charging a cost for the service cancellation.
According to ABC Color, the preliminary draft mentions that users will be able to terminate the contract at the time they consider appropriate. In addition, it establishes that companies must have a customer service manager who has decision-making power to respond and provide a possible solution to user complaints.
Godoy argued that he presented the draft to address the complaints he received from citizens. “It is necessary to defend the citizen of constant abuses, in terms of money, time, as well as emotional calm,” the executive said.
For the draft to become a bill, one of the 80 deputies must take charge of it. Then, it will be sent to the plenary and to the respective committees for study, explained ABC report.