Paraguay rushes the implementation of its DTT service

The National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL) has assigned frequencies on 700 Mhz to Asuncion’s five FTA channels. The experimental tests will begin prior to the end of the year. The regulator also defined a new calendar for the analog shut down that will reduce the implementation times for the capital city.

CONATEL new rules state that Asuncion will end the analog service by 2020, 4 years before the date set in the original calendar. The due date to cancel the analog services in the rest of the country is still 2024. They are also planning the auction for new channels.

Marcelo Fleitas, director of the SNT channel, told the newspaper Última Hora that the adjustment to the schedule could hurt end users. The executive said that Paraguay has not forbidden the import of TV sets with a different DTT standard, which causes a considerable technological dispersion.