OTT platform GoMusic begins expansion in Latin America

Before his participation in NexTV Series South America 2017, Hernán Portugal, CEO of GoMusic, spoke with NexTV News Latam about the launch and expansion of the streaming service in Latin America, with an catalog that includes concerts and shows in live and VOD format in high definition. The platform is now available in Mexico and Costa Rica. During June, it will be commercially launched in Argentina and Chile, and has plans to operate in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Spain.

NexTV Series South America 2017, the leading conference organized by Dataxis, will be held on June 14 and 15 at the Alvear Palace Hotel in Buenos Aires. Portugal will be part of the executive panel “Millennials and changes in consumption”.


-How many titles does GoMusic currently have in its catalog?  Who are your content partners?

Our two main partners are Sony Music and Warner Music. We have approximately 2,000 videos available although not all of them are currently online. We are launching with about 400 or 500 shows and every month will be adding more content.

We also have a lot of original content, for example, we offer an original show called “Sound Culture” about electronic music (with new episodes on Fridays) and we work with independent record labels. The original shows are produced by us with an internal production team. The idea is to produce original content in the countries we operate.

Our plan is to increase the network of medium and small producers and independent labels. My goal is to have, in one year, about 100 and 150 independent partners.

-What is the marketing model?

The strategy is based on three systems: to get direct customers through our platform (payment is made by credit card). The second, which is the main one, is through carrier billing and the third one is through Smart TVs (also with payment via credit card).

In Argentina the subscription costs AR $60 (USD 3.7), in Mexico MX $ 80 (USD 4.3) and in other countries USD 5.

-Who are the distribution partners?

The distribution partners are Movistar Argentina, Samsung Chile, Entel Chile, Samsung Brazil, Telcel in Mexico, Virgin (regional partner), BGH Argentina, LG (regional) and Kolbi in Costa Rica.

In Mexico we have already reached 9,000 downloads. Between July and August, we will launch the platform in Brazil and Spain. And in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador in the next 60 days.

-How many subscribers do you expect to have in one year?

We aim to reach 200,000 or 250,000 users subscribed at the regional level in the first year of operation, that is, in May 2018.

What other projects related to the music industry are GoMusic working on?

In addition to being a streaming platform, GoMusic is a digital record label. We are building our own team of artists. In Chile there is a label called BDM (Battle of Teachers), which today is represented by GoMusic. We have another artist called Luke B and we are working with Emanero for Mexico.

We became record label and producer to recruit artists who are not working with multinationals and sign contracts with them to be part of GoMusic. The goal is to develop and disseminate the work of these artists. To create, produce and distribute their shows.

We have the dream, the mission to move the artist internally (throughout Latin America) and then take it to Europe, the United States and India. Our real goal is to develop our own and underground artists.