OTT Mundo Flix available in Puerto Rico


Mundo Flix, new OTT VOD for latin TV watchers is already available in Puerto Rico and the US. It has more than 2,500 movies, series and other video content available in both Spanish and English. The subscription will cost USD 5.99 monthly.

‘For the time being, we are going to start creating production from Puerto Rico, with Puerto Rican producers , buying recent and classic programming’, said Lou Pizarro, Mundo Flix’s president.

In addition, related to content broadcasted in the platform, Manolo Travieso, CEO of the company, pointed that they work ‘to be able to offer Puerto Rican sports and news for Puerto Ricans outside the island benefit. He also added that Mundo Flix will include new projects by independent producers and filmmakers.

Looking to the future, Pizarro did not rule out the possibility for Mundo Fix, currently based on the US, to have offices in Puerto Rico ‘to produce more local programming’.