OTT Blim of Televisa launched its first exclusive original series


The Over-the-Top (OTT) service Blim (Televisa) released its first original production exclusive for this platform. The US format sit-com series 40 and 20 was written and produced by film and television director Gustavo Loza.


The first three episodes of the series, which for now has 26 chapters divided into two editions, were released in Blim on March 18th, while a second batch of three is available for the OTT’s subscribers since March 25th. On April 1st, access to the full season was made available.


The sit-com is starred by Jorge Van Rinkin, Mauricio Garza, Michelle Rodriguez and Monica Huarte. “Working with Gustavo Loza and Adicta Films is an example of what we are doing; telling the best stories on Blim”, told NexTV News Latam the OTT’s General Director, Carlos Sandoval.


“The idea of ​​40 and 20 arises when you cross the 40 years old barrier, are divorced, have two children and for some strange reason you still like women in their 20’s. Beyond that, any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental”, said Loza on his behalf to NexTV News Latam.