OnDirecTV adds two Spanish TV series

In July, DirecTV clients will be able to access two Spanish productions. OnDIRECTV premieres today the miniseries “Lo que escondían sus ojos”. In addition, the channel offers the new season of “Chiringuito de Pepe”.

Both series were produced by Mediaset España. “Lo que escondían sus ojos” follows the forbidden love story between the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Rubén Cortada) and the Marchioness of Llanzo (Blanca Suárez) in 1940, during the new Franco regime and the Second World War.

Meanwhile, “Chiringuito de Pepe” follows the life of chef Sergi Roca (Santi Millán) while he is trying to save food store with a bad reputation, following a promise with its owner, Pepe Leal (Jesús Bonilla), who turned out to be his father.