Oi launches prepaid DTH service in Brazil


The Brazilian telecommunications company Oi announced the launch of a new prepaid DTH service. This initiative seeks to engage the users of “Oi TV Livre” satellite service, which offer access to digital FTA HD channels, free of monthly charge.


There are two prepaid plans: a basic one for USD 9 (15 days) and USD 16.7 (30 days), and a plan called Mix,  which costs USD 13.6 and USD 24.3 for 15 and 30 days, respectively. Clients can buy additional premium channel packs such as HBO (USD 10.6), Telecine (USD 13.7) and Cinema (USD 24.3). The satellite prepaid kit costs USD 186.


According to Bernardo Winik, Retail Director of the company, there are 1.2 million people using “Oi TV Livre” service.  “Oi’s prepaid TV caters to a new audience, who already has the infrastructure to receive our signal”, he added.


During ABTA conference in Sao Paulo, the company also informed that Oi’s mobile clients can transfer the credits from their mobile plan to the new prepaid TV service.


The launch of the service takes into account the economic situation in Brazil and reflects the need for pay TV companies to reduce the high levels of churn by offering most economical prepaid plans.