Odeon will add new premiers to its OTT platforms

Argentinian free OTT service Odeon has announced the addition of its two first premiere content for its transactional service, which will offer new films recently shown in the Espacios INCAA theatres of the country. The T-VOD option is available since December 16th.

The first titles available are “Monumento”, directed by Fernando Díaz, which is already available in the platform and El Cruce de La Pampa (David Bisban), which will become available January 12th 2017. During this first stage access to the movies will be at a subsidize cost (until March 31st 2017), and then they will be available at a low cost, according to the official communication. According to its site, Odeon says that the subsidized cost will be AR$ 30 (USD 1.87), the same cost for movie tickets at the Espacio INCAA theatres.

The new transactional service completes the programming of the Espacios INCAA and ensures local productions a window of at least 8 weeks of availability to the public.

The rest of the contents in Odeon, as well as other new additions will continue to be free.

Odeon is the VOD platform of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA), developed along the telecommunications company ARSAT. It has over 435 thousand registered users, 100 thousand of which subscribed during 2016.