Nine arrested for Pay TV piracy in Argentina

The police of the province of Buenos Aires, in Argentina, arrested nine people who were illegally distributing Pay TV, internet and telephony through set-top boxes (STB) and modems stolen from companies of the sector. The people were employees of outsourced companies that worked for telecommunication operators. Through a parallel company they charged AR$ 1,500 (USD 55) for cable TV and AR$ 4,000 (USD 147) if they also connected Internet and Premium soccer channels. The service was available for two years and in case the company found out about the fraud they promised to replace the equipment. The arrested people used cloned or stolen credit cards to enter the data and enable the connection. One of the affected telecommunications companies reported losses of almost AR$ 6 million (USD 220,000), not only for the value of the installation, which was never charged, but also for each STB stolen by employees, which costs USD 150, TN reported. The police conducted ten raids in Morón and La Matanza, in Greater Buenos Aires, and seized 223 STBs, 16 modems, 30 remote controls, routers, HDMI cables, transformers and tools.