NexTV Series Mexico: Technology leaders discussed changing TV consumption


NexTV Mexico & Central America, the leading conference held on October 3 & 4 at the Presidente Intercontinental hotel in Mexico City, gathered key technology executives to discuss new trends in TV and OTT consumption.

Dish CTO, Carlos Miranda said that with the access to the online content the experience is now centered in the users, while operators no longer have control of it. “It is now the user who decides what device to buy, what phone, what operating system, whether or not they want a Roku box or any other device, and we are the ones who have to adapt to their decisions permanently,” said the executive, according to El Universal.

Previously, traditional pay TV systems purchased the satellite or deployed the networks, set-top boxes and specific conditional access. “I could say what they watched or not, design the packages, control the media; now we have nothing in this environment where the box does not exist, it’s a telephone.”

Jenaro Martínez, CTO of Axtel, said that the fragmentation of the content is affecting the user because “each producer plans to have their own OTT service” so “users are affected because now they will have to search for the content”. Axtel launched its Axtel Play service last July, integrating in a single platform OTT subscription services such as HBO GO, FOX Premium and Crackle.

Blim’s CTO, Rodrigo Violante, commented that the biggest technological challenge is to keep costs low because these services are very cheap for the user, but in terms of technology, they require great investments.