NexTV Series Argentina: Technology leaders to analyze the future of TV

NexTV Series Argentina 2018-3

Key technology executives will gather in the next edition of NexTV Series Argentina, on May 16 and 17 in Buenos Aires, to discuss the new emerging technology trends that will mark the future of the industry.
The new video consumption habits require new strategies to meet the increase demand on multiple screens. NexTV Series Argentina will dedicate a panel to the best UI, personalization and recommendation strategies for the new pay TV and multiscreen services. In this context, the executive will discuss the importance of analytics and content discovery.
At the same time, new technologies such as 4K, UHD and virtual and augmented reality appear in the region. The main CTOs will discuss the challenges in the deployment of this type of options, what is the current demand, as well as the content offer available to attract the audience.
The event will also discuss the obstacles faced by operators and content providers in the development of streaming and TV Everywhere systems, the quality of broadband accesses, the new video compression technologies, as well as the possibility of competing with linear pay TV OTT services, among other topics.
The event will feature Eduardo Bayo, Technology Manager at Artear; Guillermo Bertossi, VP Technology, Digital Consumer Group of Fox Network Group; Jorge Notarianni, TV Director Ingeneering & Operations at The Walt Disney Company; Hugo Amaral Ramos, CTO Caribbean and Latin America at Arris, Mario de Oliveira, CTO of Nuevo Siglo from Uruguay; Pablo Del Mazo, Head of Administration and Technical Planning of El Cuatro TV; Gabriel Forenza, Technology Director of Grupo TVSA and Cristián Tobar, Technical Manager for Television of Gtd Group.