NexTV Series Argentina: Operators to debate the new pay TV competition


The country’s leading operators will participate in the next edition of NexTV Series Argentina, on May 16 and 17 in Buenos Aires, to discuss the new strategies and challenges they will face with the arrival of new competition.
Starting this year, Argentina moved towards the convergence of services and this allows telecommunications companies to enter the pay TV market. The TV business is also constantly expanding with the advance of Internet technologies, 4G in mobile phones, and multi-screen OTT services.
To discuss this new scenario, the event will feature leading executives from the market, including Ariel Hernández, VP of Antina, Ariel Fernández, general manager of the Telviso cooperative, Juan Ramón García Bish, New Business Manager of Gigared, Virginia Priano, CMO & Project Manager of Cablevideo Digital, Carlos Wilson, CEO of Wiltel and Juan Honofre Amarilla, director of Interam, a firm that was awarded a license to operate DTH in the country.
In addition, the conference will also have, as keynote speaker, Gonzalo Hita, COO of Telecom. Cable TV provider Cablevisión and Telecom Argentina announced a merger agreement in mid-2017 with the aim of become the leading convergent telecommunications provider and participate in the opening of the sector.