NexTV Mexico: Operators see OTT services as a complement to traditional pay TV


NexTV Mexico & Central America gathered on October 3 & 4 at the Presidente Intercontinental hotel in Mexico City, the key players of the market to discuss the pay TV transformation and the integration with OTT services, among other topics.

During the first day of the event, executives of pay TV operators Totalplay and Ultravisión, along with TiVo and Sony Pictures Television, debated on the rise of OTTs and the possibility of integrating the platforms to offer greater added value to customers.

Patricio Zorrilla, VP of Ultravision said that “linear TV will continue” but there must be an integration with OTT and on demand contents. “There is room for many competitors, there are people who want their traditional box, there are people who want video on demand, there is offer for everyone, the market is big and it will capture different interests,” Zorrilla said, according to El Economista.

Total Play’s product manager Teuhtli Estrada said that “the demand for OTTs is huge.” The Mexican operator has already integrated Netflix, Youtube and Crackle applications into its set-top box and will soon add HBO. Estada said that this way, users “have a better experience”. In this sense, the executive also mentioned that consumers are changing their preferences and instead of leaving one service for another one, they are complementing them.

Richard Sánchez, VP Latam Sales of TiVo stated that “linear and pay TV will not disappear and both have remained strong. Operators are investing a lot of money and the OTTs are offering an added value. Operators have the opportunity to deliver the users the content they need.”

According to Jose Antonio Hidalgo, VP and general manager for Mexico of Sony Pictures Television, there is a change in the way of watching TV and the technical element that drives it is broadband. “People look for content in different ways, for example, children watch their content anywhere and anytime in their devices, and that freedom can only be given by broadband.”