News, soap operas lead Mexico’s five most-watched genres on free-to-air TV

News and soap operas, along with movies, series and sports are the five most-watched genres on free-to-air TV in Mexico, according to the first National Survey of Audiovisual Content Consumption conducted by the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT in Spanish).


According to the study, “news and soap operas were the two genres that respondents said they watch the most”. On a basis of 6,191 people watching TV (except children), IFT said that 56% chose news programs, 47% soap operas, 42% movies, 29% series and 28% sports.


IFT also indicated that 98.3% of Mexican households have at least one TV set. 56% of households receive only broadcast TV. Among the most- watched free-to-air channels are El Canal de las Estrellas (Televisa), Azteca 13, Canal 5, Azteca 7 and Gala TV.


However, news programs ranked fifth in Pay TV. On a basis of 2,772 respondents watching pay TV channels (except children) 63% preferred movies, 42% series, 32% sports, 30% documentaries and 26% news. Among the most-watched pay TV channels, the study mentioned Fox, TNT, Discovery Channel, Fox Sports and Golden.