New video streaming app launches in Brazil


The new video streaming platform SOT (Sistema Operacional de Televisão) announced the start of its operations in Brazil. The service was created by local and foreign investors and promises a varied programming, in HD, for a monthly subscription of R$ 11 (USD 2.8). It will later launch in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay.
SOT is available through its application for iOS and Android devices. In addition, the system allows access through Smart TVS, Apple TVs, and other connected devices. The content offer is still limited. According to the Brazilian portal Tudo Celular, the service includes some TV channels, among them Rede Familia and Record News. In addition, the platform has a VOD library that has not yet been revealed. The director of the service, Milton Neves, said in a statement that SOT is negotiating content and will add new channels during this month.
The platform also proposes to take regional content to a national level, “giving users a practical option of entertainment anywhere”. SOT is scheduled to be launched later in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. In these countries, the monthly subscription will have an initial price of USD 11. In Brazil, the service can be paid with debit and credit cards, and through the PinCash system.