New NASA UHD HDR channel launches on Roku

New NASA UHD service, remotely produced by Harmonic in cooperation with NASA, is now available in high dynamic range (HDR) on the Roku platform. Users with a 4K-capable streaming player or Roku TV can download it from the Roku channel store.
The new UHD HDR channel, which includes both linear and VOD content, is delivered over the top as an app utilizing a cloud-based end-to-end video streaming solution from Harmonic, Accedo, and CenturyLink.
Harmonic is providing its VOS 360 Video SaaS, simplifying asset acquisition, channel origination, hosting and delivery for the UHD HDR channel featuring NASA content. With the Accedo One video experience platform, this UHD HDR video experience was created quickly with a highly immersive and yet simple-to-use interface. CenturyLink’s global content delivery network (CDN) enables Harmonic to seamlessly deliver bandwidth-demanding media such as UHD HDR 60fps directly to end users in real time.
The new UHD HDR channel showcases the beauty and grandeur of space using high-resolution images and video in HDR generated from the International Space Station and other current NASA missions. The channel includes a live stream and real-time views of Earth from the International Space Station, as well as remastered footage from historical missions.