New Mexican soccer team interested in launching its own OTT


Like Chivas of Guadalajara, the Mexican soccer club Lobos of BUAP is interested in design its own OTT platform to monetize its sports rights when it plays in a local condition. There has not yet appeared an offer from television stations that convinces its leaders in the economic part. According to Espn, they have already started to consult with experts.

Lobos recently moved up to Mexico’s First División and, when he failed to close a contract with any channel, it has decided that its first matches are without television. But there have been three games without TV, including the one that played against America -club with more sympathizers of this country, and the situation became worrying. Today, it is the only club of the Mexican elite football that has no contract to take advantage of its transmission rights.

While Lobos was playing in the Second Division, Televisa was the one who owned the television license and transmitted the matches through the TDN channel, the station has not been able to reach an agreement. Meanwhile TV Azteca also failed to make a better offer.