New community TV channel launches on Argentina’s DTT platform

Community TV channel Barricada TV began broadcasting on Argentina’s digital terrestrial platform. This is one of the first non-profit stations to obtain a license to operate on this system.

Barricada TV is available on channel 32.1. The first transmission was made on June 28 at 8PM (local time) with the debut of its news program “Noticiero Popular”.

According to a statement, the channel broadcasts in a trial mode “while awaiting the delayed final authorization that the National Communications Entity (Enacom) still has in its hands.”

The channel was launched in 2010 from IMPA, a metalwork factory recovered and set to produce by its workers, located in the neighborhood of Almagro, in the City of Buenos Aires.

Barricada TV is one of firts four community channels of low power that have received a DTT license, the other three are Urbana Tevé (also in the City of Buenos Aires), Pares TV (Luján) and Comarca Si (Florida).

Both Barricada TV and Urbana Tevé had competed for digital channels 33.1 and 33.2 respectively, but due to interference with El Trece (Grupo Clarín) they were reassigned on channel 32 in early 2017, after several complaints filed by the community entities.