Netflix to produce its fourth original series in Brazil

Netflix announced the filming of its fourth original series in Brazil for 2018. By doing this, the service led by Reed Hastings keeps betting on local productions in Latin America. The US OTT platform already has four releases in the region -three in Mexico and one in Brazil- and is shooting six more -three in Brazil, two in Mexico and one in Argentina-.

The first content that Netflix decided to produce in Brazil was 3%, a science fiction thriller that was released in the end of 2016. Afterwards, the OTT signed the deals for the comedy Samantha, and for the drama O Mecanismo. Both will be released on 2018. For next year, Netflix also plans to launch the second season of 3%.

The title for the new Brazilian series is Coisa Mais Linda and it will be produced by Prodigo Filmes, a company based in Sao Paulo. The season will have eight episodes of one hour each and will be set in the city of Rio de Janeiro in the 50’s and 60’s.