Netflix announces release date for new Mexican original series

Netflix announced that it will release its third Mexican series, called “La casa de las flores”, on August 10 for its worldwide members. The series features 13 episodes of 30 minutes each, was created and directed by Manolo Caro and is starred by Verónica Castro.
The story revolves around a seemingly successful and idyllic family-run flower business full of dysfunctional secrets. One day, the patriarch finds out his longtime mistress has suddenly passed away and he decides to bring their children into the household alongside his current wife and family who didn’t know they existed.
Caro has directed films such as ” La vida inmoral de la pareja ideal”, ” Elvira, te daría mi vida pero la estoy usando” and “Amor de mis amores”. In addition to Verónica Castro, the cast also include Aislinn Derbez, Cecilia Suárez, Paco León, Dario Yazbek and Juan Pablo Medina. This is Netflix’s third Mexican original series, after “Club de Cuervos” and “Ingobernable”.