Net TV secures a place on pay TV services

Net TV, Argentina’s new DTT channel, which will be launched in October, announced its presence in the programming lineups of several pay TV systems, including Cablevisión and DirecTV, the country’s largest operators.
In its official Twitter account, Net TV detailed that from October 1 it will be available in Cablevisión on channels 21 and 621, DirecTV (125 and 1125), Telecentro (channels 15 and 19) and Telered (8 and 108). In the DTT platform, Net TV will use channel 27.2.
In early September, the channel –which is part of Perfil Network group- presented its new programming, which will be based on entertainment with shows like “Las Rubias + 1”, hosted by Marcela Tinayre, “Cuestión de Peso”, with Mariano Peluffo and “Pampita Íntima”, a series of interviews with top model Carolina Ardohaín, among others.