Net sales of Televisa increased by 3.9% in Q118

Televisa announced the financial results for the first-quarter 2018. The company informed that net sales increased by 3.9% to MX$ 22,812 million (USD 1,210 million). This increase was mainly attributable to revenue growth in the Cable and Content segment, as the group explained on its report.

However, net income attributable to stockholders decreased 43.3% to MX$ 678 million (USD 36 million). According to the company, this fall is due in part to an increase in financial expenses as a result of the appreciation of the Mexican peso against the US dollar.

Sales in the Content area grew 8.3% MX$ 7,899 milllon (USD 419 million). In this segment, advertising sales raised 3.5% to MX$ 4,273 million (USD 227 million). In addition, revenue from Network Subscription grew 13.1% to MX$ 1.179 million (USD 62.5 million).

Sky’s third quarter sales decreased 1.2% to MX$ 5.474 million (USD 290.4 million), due to lower sales in Central America and the Dominican Republic. The number of net active subscribers during the quarter decreased 1.2% to reach 7.9 million. The operator registered 169,000subscribers in Central America and the Dominican Republic.

In the cable segment, sales increased by 7.1% to MX$ 8,670 million (USD 460 million). The group’s cable operators recorded 4.24 million video RGUs, 3.97 million RGUs of data and 2.16 million of voice.