Multimedios TV premiered on DTT in Mexico City

The Mexican channel Multimedios TV (Grupo Multimedios) began its broadcasts on August 14 in Digital Terrestrial Television in the Mexican capital, Mexico City. It can be tuned in channel 6.1 and will have varied content such as entertainment, news and sports. Previously, it was in a testing phase.

This beginning of transmissions is developing in a stepped form, reported from Grupo Multimedios; the live shows will be released gradually. On August 14, It was the premiere of the show Bailadísimo, on the 16th it was the turn of Acábatelo, and in this way new programs will be added until August 27, when the line-up will be completed. Multimedios TV will have live programming for an average of 20 hours per day.

Although Grupo Multimedios has its origin in the city of Monterrey, the productions of Multimedios TV for Mexico City will be made in the country’s own capital. The idea is to have content especially dedicated to the local public.

The group is currently broadcasting the channels Milenio Televisión and Teleritmo (regional music) in channels 6.2 and 6.3 in Mexico City.