Multimedios to use multiprogramming in Mexico City

Multimedios group’s channel 6.1 of Mexico City (CDMX) is currently in the testing phase and is expected to launch soon. Meanwhile, the company chose to “divide” the bandwidth into two more channels: 6.2 and 6.3 with contents of Millennium TV and Teleritmo, respectively, according to El Economista.
Multimedios won the DTT channel in CDMX in the tender carried out by regulator IFT in 2017. The Mexican group also won other frequencies in the center, west and north of the country.
On June 6, the IFT authorized Multimedios to access multiprogramming in Durango, to broadcast Milenio TV in channel 6.1, Teleritmo in 6.2 and Multimedios in 6.3. The company’s plan is to go in the same direction with the rest of its new channels, something that has already started in Mexico City.
Thus, Multimedios will be able to extend the reach of its content offerings to a potential market of 30 million inhabitant, this is, the combined population of all the places where the group obtained a channel. Meanwhile, in Mexico City, Multimedios has already signed an agreement with Canal Once to use its infrastructure.