Millicom acquired Cable DX in Guatemala

Millicom revealed during the presentation of the second quarter results that it has acquired Guatemalan cable operator Cable DX. The company said it added 52,000 connected homes and approximately USD 1.2 million in revenue.
Cable DX operates in the cities of Quetzaltenango, Coatepeque, Mazatenango y Totonicapan. According to its Facebook profile, “DX is a leading telecommunications company in several departments of Guatemala, providing cable, digital TV, Internet and advertising services.”
“Cable DX is a small tuck-in acquisition that we’ve undertaken in Guatemala. It added about 50,000 cable subscribers as I alluded to and about USD 1 million of revenue give or take for the quarter”, said in a conference with analysts Millicom CEO, Mauricio Ramos, according to Seeking Alpha.