Mexico’s TV Azteca acquires Dori Media format “Lalola”

Dori Media Group announced that it has signed an agreement with TV Azteca for the local version of ‘Lalola’, the 150-episode series that was originally produced in 2007 and was sold to more than 120 countries worldwide. Dori Media will have exclusive distribution tape rights for the new remake.
Lalola was first aired in Argentina on free-to-air channel América and was a success in the country. The series was produced by Dori Media Contenidos, a subsidiary of Dori Media Group, based on an idea of Sebastian Ortega for Underground Contenidos.
“We are delighted to see another sale of ‘Lalola’ to Mexico after its production a decade ago. Not only is it a highly replicable as a format, but it also is an exceptional content which has the potential to completely redefine the changing role of strong women in the society in these exciting times,” commented Nadav Palti, CEO of Dori Media Group. “Lalola is one of our strongest format with a more than 10 year proven track record, and we expect it to have a number of remakes in the future,” the executive added.
In turn, Joshua Mintz, Deputy to the President of TV Azteca, said: “What ‘Lalola’ has achieved in Argentina and abroad is remarkable, I believe the public will enjoy it, and I trust this will be a hit in TV Azteca”.