Mexico Megacable TV subscriber base continues to grow and reaches 3.1 million


Mexican telecom operator Megacable finished the first quarter of 2018 with a growing number of subscribers in its TV segment, registering 3.1 million users (61 thousand net additions). This represents a 2% increase, compared to the previous period.

This is the fourth consecutive quarter that the company ends with a growth in TV subscribers, after experiencing a 1.9% drop in its base during the fourth period of 2016, and a 2.1% drop during the first period of 2017. In past twelve months, the operator managed to increase its user base by 193 thousand. Megacable highlights in its report that these numbers are the result of an “important commercial effort that managed to achieve healthier additions and a continuous improvement of the disconnection”.

As for digital subscribers, Megacable said that they represent 81% of their TV client base. This percentage keeps growing, as it was of 79% in the third quarter of 2017 and of 80% in the fourth. The operator has installed 4.7 million set-top- boxes. As for HD users, they already reach 600 thousand.

In addition, the company reported that during the first period of 2018, it had revenues of USD 105.6 million. This represents a 7% increase, compared to the same quarter last year.