Megacable from Mexico had a record growth of Pay-TV subscribers in 2015


Telecommunications company Megacable from Mexico published its annual financial results and for the fourth quarter (4Q) of 2015 in which it reported a 27% growth in revenues (in local currency) and a record growth in its Pay-TV subscribers.


The company achieved a net total of 2,834,151 video accesses as of December 2015. This figure represents an increase of 428,000 net additions or a 17.8% record compared to the final numbers of 2014.


During the last quarter of 2015, it also had historical net additions by 188,000, i.e., 7% more compared to the Q3, and the company estimates that 50,000 of these were the result of the analog switch-off that took place in Mexico in that period.


Video revenues during 2015 were of USD 382,643, up 11% (in local currency) than in 2014, and during the Q4 they were of USD 103,043, i.e., 15% more than in the third quarter of 2015. Total sales recorded in 2015 were of USD 803,613 (+27%) and in Q4 2015 of USD 216,813 (+26.3%).