Megacable and Televisa’s dispute over TV channels continues

Megacable’s General Manager, Enrique Yamuni, stated that the search carried out by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) – at the beginning of the month – at the operator’s facilities in the State of Mexico is a form of pressure for Megacable to buy Televisa Networks’ channels again, Expansión reported.

The PGR conducted the searches at the Megacable facilities after Televisa accused the company of retransmitting Canal 9 illegally. “Megacable took from another place the signal of Gala TV (Canal 9), because this one is not transmitted in the area where the searches were made,” Televisa said in an email.

In an interview with Expansión, Yamuni said that they still don’t have access to the file related to this issue. “This is an arbitrariness; we do not know what we are accused of. Televisa is trying to intimidate us and force us to offer the channel we removed, to keep paying them and that will not happen at least not in the way Televisa wants to do it. If we reach a business agreement, then we will see, but not this way.”

In September 2016, Megacable stopped offering 14 TV channels from Televisa Networks. The following month, the operator removed another six channels.