Lollapalooza coverage on VTR surpasses 2 million viewers

Chilean operator VTR announced that the transmission of Lollapalooza Festival 2017 surpassed 2 million viewers in all its content platforms.

VTR said that all platforms improved their results compared to the previous year. 1.89 million viewers watched the event on TV, up 89% from previous year. The streaming platform reached 223,000 unique users, with a peak during the presentation of Martín Garrix, with 72,000 connected users, followed by the Metallica show on Saturday, with 62,000.

93% of the bands authorized broadcast rights, allowing followers to access their favorite bands live. The most watched shows were Metallica and The Strokes.

“We broke all the audience records”, said Patricio Fuentes, marketing manager at  VTR. During this VTR is broadcasting some of the best concerts of the event.