LN+ expands distribution in Argentina

News channel LN+, which belongs to the Argentine newspaper La Nación, announced that it is now available on Cablevisión’s Classic Package and Telered’s Basic Package.
La Nación said that LN+’s goal is “to reach all the analog lineups of the main TV operators in Argentina”. The channel is already available in DirecTV, Cablevisión digital service, Telecentro, Telered Digital, Antina and Supercanal. In turn, it is also part of the DTT platform and is also available live on its website.
In addition, LN + has distribution in some cities of Uruguay and Chile, and the plan is to expand into other markets of the region, including the U.S Hispanic market. Meanwhile, the channel presented new shows, including “Lo que hay que saber “, a summary of the most important news, and “+ info”, an update of the news of the day.
Next Saturday at 5 pm, LN+ will premiere “Técnica Mixta”, a show that will present the leading exponents of the visual arts. On Sunday at 7 pm, it will air “Juego de Pares”, a quiz show about movies, series and the world of TV.