LG to launch the first LTE connected camera to upload videos directly to YouTube


Korean technology company LG announced through a press release that it will launch in June the first camera with built-in LTE and 3G internet connection and direct access to YouTube Live (Google) for instant broadcasts through the Video On Demand free platform.


LG Action Cam is a compact camera with 4K Ultra HD image quality, resistant to dust and sand and which can be submerged into up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes (a case for deeper dives will be released later this year).


In addition to sharing an ergonomic design ready to record videos of extreme sports and outdoor activities, the new LG camera looks to compete directly with GoPros as these allow access to platforms like YouTube only through a smart device, while the Korean brand skips this instance.


“We are committed to expanding the LG Playground ecosystem. Action Cam is an example of the kind of innovation we will be bringing to the market, devices that offer features unavailable in other competing products”, stated LG President, Juno Cho.