KeyTech and CellOne completed their merger to offer combined telecommunications services in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands


KeyTech telecommunications company, which offers triple play through the Logic brand, completed in Bermuda the merger with the telephony and broadband company CellOne (Atlantic Tele-Network, ATN), local newspaper The Royal Gazette reported.


The company, which adopted the KeyTech brand, will be led by former CellOne CEO, Frank Amaral, and will extend its combined services to homes and businesses also in the Cayman Islands. The operation was announced in October 2015 and was recently approved by regulatory agencies.


“For years, our companies were separately investing in technology and infrastructure and offering best-in-class services. As a unified group, and with the benefit of additional capital from ATN, our investments will accelerate and lead to expanded services for customers and economic growth for Bermuda”, stated KeyTech President, Gary Phillips.