Karate Combat launches dedicated channel on the Roku platform

Karate Combat announced the Karate Combat channel is available now on Roku players and Roku TV models throughout North America, most of Central and South America, among other regions.
Karate Combat will offer past events on demand. The league’s live stream events will also be available, including fight cards upcoming in New York City, Japan and Spain. At this time the channel is free and ad-supported, like the league’s website, www.Karate.com.
“By launching on the Roku platform, we’re able to broaden the potential reach of Karate Combat’s action to millions of connected devices,” said Michael DePietro, CEO of Karate Combat. “It’s a natural extension of our drive to distribute via the channels where fans watch sports now.”
According to the league, over a million people viewed Karate Combat: Inception, which took place in Miami in April. In addition to apps for iOS and Android devices, Karate Combat is available on YouTube, Dailymotion, UFC Fight Pass and Sports Live, among others.