Irdeto deploys 360-degree security solution to combat piracy

Digital platform security provider Irdeto is deploying its 360-degree security solution to combat piracy in Latin America, which currently is growing through the Internet.

“Models are changing, piracy still exists but there are models that are being left behind, such as the cloning of Smart cards, AZ Boxes and ‘Control Word Sharing’, which was the trend before the distribution over the Internet”, Jorge Waitz, Regional Sales Director Latam & Caribbean of irdeto, explained to NexTV News Latam.

In turn, Gabriel Ricardo Hahmann, Sales Director for Brazil and the Southern Cone, said that with the growth of broadband penetration, most people have Internet access and can use software like Kodi to access illegal contents.

The executives explained that in order to stop piracy in the region, Irdeto offers a 360-degree solution that provides end-to-end security and allows to identify and stop the pirate streams (when is live linear content) and perform a forensic analysis (using the watermarking solution) to find out where piracy leaks occurred. Operators and content providers can opt for the complete solution or some of the services separately. FOX, for example, uses the watermark solution provided by the company.

Waitz said that on many occasions, users subscribe to boxes-based services like Roku, for example, “without even knowing that they are paying for something illegal” so it is important “to educate the users and understand why they are accessing that content”. According to the executive, “not all people access pirated content because they do not want to pay, many times it is a  frustrated consumer, who looks for a season on Netflix and, when not available, starts to search other ways to watch it.” In this context, he stated that “there are consumers viewing pirated content that could become legal consumers if operators change their commercial models in any way.”

Waitz participated alongside Federico Sánchez – Sales Director, Latin America & South Europe of Irdeto in a “one to one” session called ” 360° security: protect your content to transform your business” during the first day of NexTV Series Mexico & Central America, the leading conference organized by Dataxis that is being held October 3 & 4 at the Presidente Intercontinental hotel in Mexico City.