INCAA launches the brand Cine.Ar to unify its content platforms

The National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) of Argentina announced the launch of the brand Cine.Ar, which will unify since April 3rd the three content platforms of the institute.

As a part of this process, the channel INCAA TV will now be called Cine.Ar TV. The free OTT Odeón will also change its name to Cine.Ar Play, and the circuit of movie theaters under the name of Espacio INCAA will now be renamed as Cine.Ar Sala. Also, Odeón’s the T-VOD platform will be renamed Cine.Ar Estrenos. The users will be able to watch there Argentinean movies that are still available on cinemas by paying the same price they would pay for a ticket in any of the Cine.Ar Sala theaters. This service will be available in all browsers, apps and Smart TVs.

For the development of the streaming platform now called Cine.Ar Play, INCAA worked with the telecommunications company Arsat. In February 2017 the OTT had 477.944 registered users. In the last seven months the views increased in a 184%, by rising from 108.893 in June 2016 to 309.265 in February 2017, according to INCAA.

During the event where the new brand was launched, the president of the Institute, Alejandro Cacetta, stated that “Cine.Ar will value INCAA’s screens with the goal of accompanying the technological convergence, because speaking of TV and cinema separately is an anachronism. We can now unify our screens, thinking first of the audience”.