Imagen Television to premiere Brazilian soap opera “Moses and the Ten Commandments”

New Mexican broadcast network, Imagen Television, will premiere on December 12 “Moses and the Ten Commandments”, the hit Brazilian soap opera, produced by Record TV.

Imagen Television will broadcast this production from Monday to Friday at 19 (Mexico time), through its DTT signal 3.1.  “Moses and the Ten Commandments” was produced 70% in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in a space of 240,000 square meters, and in the Atacama desert in Chile, said Delmar Andrade, director of Record TV, according to Mexican newspaper Excelsior.

“The biblical and epic series, not religious, that we produce, have the function of serving the entire Mexican market. There are audiences around the world who are looking for a thread of hope. When a strong and powerful message is projected, it conquers the heart of the audience, because we all have sensitivity. They are stories that make us think”, said Andrade.

With the incorporation of the Brazilian production, which was already sell to more than 20 countries around the globe, the third national broadcaster strengthens its programming to compete with Televisa and TV Azteca, two of the most important content producers in Latin America.