Hugo Tapia, 2btube’s Manager in Mexico: “User-generated content is a real competition to traditional TV”


The Manager of producer and muti-platform network (MCN) 2btube in Mexico, Hugo Tapia, spoke exclusively to NexTV News Latam about its penetration strategy in Latin America and the present and future of online video consumption.


– What is 2btube?


2btube is Spanish speaking network of digital talent, a producer of audiovisual content and a new media company serving brands and agencies. Therefore, we have three lines of action: the first is the support of youtubers in everything related to their professional development, with the aim that they can live from their creativity. The second is the production of audiovisual content and formats successful among young audiences as our own prestigious productions Campeones, Draw My Life in Spanish and Whymaps. Finally, we put these two areas to serve brands and agencies whose aim is to connect with younger generations, difficult to reach through traditional media.


– What are the distinctive features of 2btube that make it different from other similar platforms?


On one hand, our completely personalized advice service and the innovative technological tools that we offer. We help our creators optimize their channels, monetize their content and build their audiences, we provide commercial, production, design, marketing, analytical, legal and tax support. In short, everything they need to be more successful on YouTube and off it. On the other hand, our exceptional team of Talent Managers and professionals in business development and other areas such as production or marketing. Their amazing work, plus the spectacular investment we are making in the sector, differentiates us from other platforms. In addition, we are the only company specializing in digital content in Spanish with physical presence in Spain and Latin America.


– Can anyone become a transmitter?


The new technologies have democratized content and anyone can become a content creator. That does not mean, however, that everyone can succeed. Only those creators with talent, passion, originality, commitment, empathy with their audiences and quality content can become true professionals and live of it.


– What is your penetration strategy in Latin America?


We want to replicate the strategy that we have followed in Spain, where we have positioned ourselves as the leading company in the country. In our offices in Mexico City we have the same structure as in Madrid: three distinct areas (Talent Management, Business Development and Support Team), which give continued support between them. We also want to invest in our own original productions related to the region and show the brands that, if they bet on actions with us, they may reach and connect with the millennial audience.


– What is the approximate number of users in the region?


Mexico, for example, is a country with important audiences. It is in second place in the world, only behind the United States, in consumption of digital content, but the whole continent has great potential, channels full of creativity and millions of followers. We already have over 70 channels, among known youtubers such as Eva de Metal, Oxlack Investigador, Benshorts, Gwabir, Maurg or Ixpanea. Our global audience in Latin America is of 40 million views per month and seven million subscribers.


– What is the importance of the impact of social networks in online video consumption nowadays?


Social networks are a very important source of YouTube traffic and some, like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, are trying to compete with this platform to lead on online video consumption. In this sense, the Facebook algorithm makes video content predominate, Instagram has increased the maximum number of seconds of its videos and video consumption in Snapchat does nothing but grow among young audiences. There are even social networks like Twitch, Vine, YouNow or Periscope whose only content is online video.


– What are the trends that will shape the future of television?


There are definitely big trends that are impacting the television industry worldwide, maybe just with different nuances. The sustained growth of broadband internet and mobile networks exceed those of Pay-TV virtually everywhere. Similarly, the growing installed base of smart mobile devices and the democratization of the means of production suggest that user-generated content is a real competition to traditional television. Free-to-Air and linear television will continue to focus on large scale live events, but content consumption will increasingly become more pulverized and diverse. The proliferation of Video On Demand (VOD) services will continue to exist, surely with new business and aggregation models that allow consumers more flexibility to choose the program they want to receive. Mobile consumption of short video contents generated and/or cured by users will continue to gain ground on traditional media consumption. This profound change in the paradigm of production and distribution of content is what makes social platforms like YouTube the most effective, if not the only one, to connect with large audiences, particularly in the younger demographics.