History launches new branded content initiative

History premiered the new production “Escala Yaris”, a branded content initiative with Toyota. It is a short format special for television that visits six destinations in the City of Buenos Aires.
“Scale Yaris” premiered on History on Friday, November 23, with 6 capsules a day of 2 minutes each and the possibility of watching the full 15-minute show on Friday, November 30.
The production shows the journey made by the sports journalist Fernando Carlos along with a foreign friend to know six points of the city of Buenos Aires in 12 hours, time of scale that the guest has before taking his next flight to another place in the world.
“We are very pleased to carry out this Branded Content project with Toyota, Initiative and History, which allows us to continue growing in the generation of content for advertisers, with the premise of creating stories that are attractive to the audience by integrating organically brands that allow connecting with the consumer. We are specialists in generating content and relevant stories. This project is a clear example that we invite you to watch, “commented Pablo Intanno, Commercial Manager of VC Multichannel.