Hispasat stressed the importance of its customer base in Latin America for its strong growth in 2015

Spanish satellite service company Hispasat submitted its 2015 financial report in which it reported space leasing revenues for USD 244.1 million, a growth of 9.72% (always in local currency) compared to 2014. 65.4% of these were related to markets in the Americas.


“We have gained new orbital positions, formed alliances with other operators and renewed and expanded contracts with major clients, particularly in Latin America, in countries such as Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Colombia”, stated the President of Hispasat, Elena Pisonero, in their report to investors.


Total revenues for 2015 were of USD 244.7 million, representing an annual growth of 8.7%. Besides, it registered an EBITDA of USD 199.3 million, i.e. 10.6% more than in 2014. Finally, it announced that investments made during 2015 totaled USD 273 million, 56.5% more than during the previous year.