Hispasat makes order in the nomenclature of part of its satellite fleet


Spanish company Hispasat announced a reorganization and change of nomenclature in a part of its fleet in order to facilitate the identification corresponding to the location and chronological existence of the artifacts.


As reported by the Spanish news agency Europa Press, Hispasat made these changes “seeking maximum coherence” in response to increased volume and orbital positions of their satellites. The company has nine satellites in operation (five of them with coverage for Latin America) and three more planned to be launched in 2016 and 2017.


From now on, Amazonas 4A satellite, located at 61º West position, will simply be called Amazonas 4, while the formerly known as Amazonas 4B, scheduled for 2017 at the same location, becomes to be known as Amazonas 5.


In the case of the Intelsat 34 satellite, known until 2014 as Amazonas 1, it will now be known internally as Hispasat 55W-1, according to the new methodology, with the permission of that company. The same will happen with satellite of other companies carrying with the capacity of the Spanish firm. The 1C is renamed 84W-1, the1D will now be the 30W-4 and the 1E will be called 30W-5.