Grupo Clarín and Supercanal sign deal, end long conflict

Argentina’s Grupo Clarín and Supercanal (Grupo Vila-Manzano) have signed an agreement that ends almost 20 years of conflict. Through a document, the companies committed to end the legal cases filed by both parties, related to the ownership of a stake in Supercanal.
The agreement was announced on June 15 in the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. In this way, any claims that these companies and their subsidiaries may have in relation to the legal actions were considered extinguished. The agreement includes Cablevisión and Telecom Argentina. The lawsuits include alleged anti-competitive practices and conflicts over common businesses.
In a statement, Supercanal reported that “the signatories have expressly and irrevocably waived their intention to restart or promote any claim of previous cause, in addition to having ended the legal actions already initiated.”
In this context, the restrictions that Cablevisión had imposed on the television channels of the Vila-Manzano Group in its lineup were lifted. It was also agreed that Telecom Argentina will transfer its shares in Supercanal and Supercanal Holding to Supercablecanal, another Vila group company, according to iProfesional.