Acon Group to reach 600 thousand Brazilian subscribers in three years

Cabo Telecom, a Brazilian telecommunications company which belongs to US Acon Investments, will make an infrastructure USD 26.9 million inversion per year to reach 600 thousand subscribers in a between 3 and 4 years period, as reported by Gilbert Minionis, CEO of the company.

Grupo Acon landed in Brazil buying Cabo Telecom (Natal) and Multiplay (Fortaleza), on a 120 thousand subscribers base. Later, the group also bought Idea Telecom (Caucaia and Ceará), and last year it arrived at Paraíba. In 2018, the company bought Direta Telecom, Alegra Telecom and Conexão, in Sao Paulo’s outskirts  and southwest Minas Gerais.

In its operations, Grupo Acon offers video both on demand and linear programming. Minais compares market behavior with the one of a pendulum: ‘At one point, everyone is under pressure from  OTT and video on demand providers. But if a piece of content is added on demand for the father, another for the mother, another for the child and another for another person, it will end up being so expensive that it may be cheaper to have the linear TV. But provider  has to offer everything’,he reflected.