Gigared adds locations with FTTH for OTT in Argentina

MSO Gigared, which operates in Argentine northeast (Corrientes, Crespo, Paraná, Posadas, Resistencia, City of Santa Fe and Santo Tomé), invested – after the incorporation of the Riverwood Capital Fund – USD 19.9 million between 2018 and that goes from 2019 to incorporate new locations with FTTH.

Santo Tomé (Santa Fe) is already 100% fiber to the home, with 3,000 houses passed and ‘the intention to continue growing’, they explained. Other new localities are Monte Vera (Santa Fe), Barranqueras (Chaco), General San Martin (Chaco) and San Luis del Palmar (Corrientes).

‘Technological update is because investments that we could make five or ten years ago are not enough, but they must be done constantly’, said Juan Ramón García Bish, Gigared’s Engineering Manager, as newspaper ‘El Cronista’ reported.

García Bish explained that the investment is accelerated because of multimedia consuming and the OTT arrival. ‘The funnel is in the final section, in moving all that volume of information from the head of the system to the final client. Everything leads to an investment in access technology, which we first try to update and take full advantage of the investment already made’, he said.

Federico Bassa, corporate Gigared’s commercial manager, explained that the entire installation that the company develops will be carried out with fiber for the home (FTTH). ‘We are going to give whoever requires it the possibility of having fiber, with a differential price, starting with  corporate clients and following those in the residential segment willing to pay for a Premium service’.