Funimation ends partnership with Crunchyroll

Anime distributor Funimation, which belongs to Sony Pictures Television, will end on November 9 its contract with SVOD service Crunchyroll (now owned by AT&T), after two years of partnership and with the goal of expanding globally.
According to a memo sent by Gen Fukunaga, Funimation’s president and CEO, the decision was made as a result of the acquisition of the company by Sony Pictures Television and additional investments Sony is making to make Funimation a global sub and dub anime brand.
“While our partnership with Crunchyroll is ending, we are excited about the future, the support of Sony Pictures Television and their commitment, alongside ours, to build the best experience for anime fans globally,” the executive said.
In this way, the broadcast rights of several series will return to Funimation and will be available exclusively through FunimationNow, the company’s streaming service. In turn, a “handful of dubbed titles” will no longer be available on the platform, as part of the end of the contract.
“As many of you know, we have had an ongoing partnership with Funimation the last two years, sharing anime between users. Unfortunately, Funimation has decided to go their separate way, and this partnership will be winding down on Friday, November 9th,” said Crunchyroll In a statement posted on its website.
Both companies are working on the final list of titles that will be impacted. All the titles licensed during the partnership will continue to be shared with Crunchyroll and available to FunimationNow subscribers.