Fox wins legal battle to block Roja Directa website in Uruguay

The Uruguayan justice determine that Internet suppliers must block all web pages called “Roja Directa”, a site that illegally retransmits sports content.
Fox Sports Latin America (which is part of Fox Networks Group Latin America) had denounced the website for copyright infringement that illegally retransmits the contents produced by the group without authorization. The sports network owns the rights to events such as Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, Serie A TIM, Formula 1 and WWE, among others.
“This exemplary ruling marks the beginning of judicial awareness on online piracy issues. FNG Latin America works constantly to combat the illegal use of content on different fronts and with great satisfaction we have found in Uruguay an important ally in the fight against this scourge. We are on our way to ending the impunity of these illegal content sites,” said Daniel Steinmetz, Chief Anti-Piracy Officer of FNG Latin America. “We have already presented actions in other countries of the region where we will seek to replicate what we have obtained in Uruguay,” the executive added.
According to a NetNames report cited by FNG in a press release, of the 222 million internet users in South America, 110 million access pirated content. This translates into approximately 1,377 million TV hours per year. “FOX Networks Group Latin America works with dedication to take all necessary actions in order to protect its products from piracy and the illegal use of these rights.”