FOX filming new original series in Brazil

FOX Networks Group Latin America announced that that it has begun filming “Ouro Branco” (working title), the new original drama series based on a true story about the war between the drug cartels in Rio de Janeiro in the 90s.
The filming will run for two months and takes place between Brazil and Uruguay, This ten-episode one-hour series will debut next year on FOX Premium and Premium access of the Fox App in Latin America. It is directed by René Sampaio (“Faroeste Caboclo”, “4All”) and Tomás Portella (“Qualquer gato vira lata”, “The Incredible Hulk”) and produced by Barry Company.
The new series tells the story of Evandro, a young man living in Rio de Janeiro who joins the army and loses his brother, who died during a drug negotiation. His thirst for revenge put him at the head of one of the largest criminal organizations in the world, while his success as a drug dealer will call the attention of Morello, a veteran and self-destructing policeman.