Fox and ESPN dominate pay TV sport channels in Latin America

According to Dataxis’ estimations, Fox Sports and ESPN respectively reach a global penetration of 34% and 31% over the total number of TV households in Latin America for 2017.
In all the countries studied, except in Brazil and Venezuela, ESPN and Fox Sports have the highest penetration rates among all sport Pay TV channels. These rates are equivalent to pay TV penetration over TV households, which means that Fox Sports and ESPN are available in the basic offers of almost all Pay TV operators. In Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay, the penetration over TV households is higher than 60%.
On the other hand, Brazil relies on local offer, free to air and paying, (Esporte Interativo and SporTV) while Venezuela relies on free to air offer (Meridiano Televisión) and the penetration levels are, in both countries, much higher than ESPN and Fox Sports’ ones.
Hernán Donnari, EVP of Fox Sports South America will participate in the next edition of NexTV Series Argentina, the leading conference organized by Dataxis, to be held on May 16 and 17 in Buenos Aires.