Formula 1 in talks with Netflix for streaming deal

F1’s Managing Director of Commercial Operations Sean Bratches said in a press conference that Liberty Media is in talks Netflix over a possible rights deal for 2018 season.

“Liberty Media has always focused on the expansion of multimedia services. We believe that in today’s world we need a greater openness to the internet and in this sense we have projects in the pipeline. We are also discussing with Netflix about a partnership from 2018, but at the moment I can’t add anything,” said the executive.

Bratches said to Autosports that F1 had no choice but to pursue an over the top offering if it was “going to attract bigger future audiences”. ”We have an obligation to our fans, quite candidly, to ensure that they are able to access our content in any means they want,”

If it materialized, it would represent the first sports agreement for Netflix and one of the first important strategies since Liberty Media acquired the rights of the competition.